Food from Scratch

Simple Farm-Fresh Frittata

note: We only put green onions on our portions - Laura greatly dislikes them! Recently, we were able to get some really great farm fresh eggs from a local lady and we've been happy to have an excuse to eat even MORE eggs than normal! Frittatas are something that we've never really eaten much of… Continue reading Simple Farm-Fresh Frittata

Handmade Home

DIY Farmhouse Flour Sack Towels

I love to sew. I learned how to sew near the end of University after I had finished my internship and found myself with some extra time on my hands. I began with really simple projects like infinity scarves (which were very popular at the time) and gradually worked my way up to sewing clothes… Continue reading DIY Farmhouse Flour Sack Towels

Handmade Home

Gathered Half Apron

The more I bake and cook food from scratch, the more I have realized how important it is to have a great apron! I prefer aprons made of 100% linen because they are a lot more absorbent than cotton blends. I buy my linen online but some textile stores also carry really good quality linen.… Continue reading Gathered Half Apron

Laura Bakes

Laura Bakes Chocolate Chip Cookies by herself

In a couple weeks, Laura will be turning 4! To celebrate this milestone, she figured she should be able to bake something all by herself. In order to help Laura achieve this goal, I created a recipe for her using simple numbers and pictures. I began by determining the lowest measurement for cups and teaspoons… Continue reading Laura Bakes Chocolate Chip Cookies by herself

Food from Scratch

Buttermilk Pancakes

Can you see how beautifully yellow that butter is? Jump to Recipe I very recently discovered that there is a Dairy Farm in the area that sells fresh milk which has been batch pasteurized with NO additives! That means that when you get the milk it is non-homogenized and separates just like it should! It… Continue reading Buttermilk Pancakes

Life after Transplant

Life in Self-Isolation

Covid-19. It has turned the lives of so many people upside down. People are forced to cancel family and social gatherings, wash their hands more often, avoid public spaces unless absolutely necessary and remain isolated in their homes with their immediate family. This is a bizarre way of life - anyone you speak to would… Continue reading Life in Self-Isolation


Home School Preschool – Set-up

PRESCHOOL As I mentioned in a previous post, A.J. and I made the decision to start Laura's Home Schooling this year! Laura turned 3 at the beginning of September, so truthfully we could have waited a year before starting school with her but I was eager to begin. The reason for starting early was really… Continue reading Home School Preschool – Set-up

Life after Transplant

3 years!

It's difficult to believe that 3 years has come and gone since we welcomed our little girl into the world. Laura was born in the wee hours of the morning on September 11th, 2016 in Saskatoon. When Laura came into our lives we were forever changed. We were changed by her arrival, by the trauma… Continue reading 3 years!

Life after Transplant

The other 5%

I often tell people that raising Laura is "normal" 95% of the time. We wake up at the crack of dawn most mornings to an almost three year old telling us to wake up because she's hungry/thirsty/bored/{insert other complaint here}. She begs for TV 24/7 even though she knows full well that it's not about… Continue reading The other 5%

Life after Transplant

What universal healthcare means to me

Public healthcare was introduced in Saskatchewan in 1962. It caused doctors to walk out of hospitals and go on strike, but after three weeks, they returned to work, realizing things weren't going to change. Prior to this, doctors charged whatever they saw fit and many Canadians went bankrupt from overdue medical bills. In 1966, the… Continue reading What universal healthcare means to me