Laura Bakes

Szechuan Beef – Reduced Sodium

Laura and I made Szechuan beef today! She is now the star of her own little cooking show 🙂

To make Szechuan Beef low sodium, we replaced Soy Sauce with a replacement featuring Balsamic vinegar, some sugar and a bit of salt. 

The total salt in this meal comes up at 3/4 tsp. The pink himalayan salt that I have is only 380mg/ 1/4 tsp so we are looking at only 150mg of sodium per serving (If you can limit yourself to one serving)! If you pair it with rice cooked with no salt added butter and some peas then bring on the low sodium goodness! 

I was incredibly surprised and impressed that this tasted AMAZING! I really doubted the substitute soy sauce which involved nothing resembling soy sauce but it was absolutely delicious 🙂 


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