Styling very short toddler hair

Laura’s hair situation has been a bit slow going right from the start. I wasn’t surprised at a bald baby – after all, her father and I were both bald until we were about three.

Now that she is 2.5, the comments about how cute my little boy is are starting to get a bit old. It’s always lovely when she’s mistaken as a boy even while wearing a pink dress… 😒

I have scoured the internet for styles for short toddler girl hair and the internet seems to be confused at what I mean by short … all the photos that pop up are of baby girls with messy buns!

I have finally figured out a system so I thought I’d share it!

Very short toddler girl hair style #1

Step #1 – Grab some sort of electronic entertainment – trust me… it is worth the bit of screen time.

Step #2 – Wet down the hair and place your first elastic!

Step #3 – Place a second elastic on the opposite side.

Step #3 – Place an elastic just below the first, combining the hair from the first ponytail into the new one.

Step #4 – Repeat the process on the other side.

Step #4 – place an elastic in the middle of the head, combining the new hair with the two lower pony tails. The hair at the crown of the head should be longer and easier to work with!

Step 5 – Add one mor elastic to the point at which your toddlers hair is the longest, combining the previous pony tail into it again. Brush the sides and back and you’re done! Total time if your kiddo cooperates is about 3-4 minutes.


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