Laura Bakes

Laura Bakes Chocolate Chip Cookies by herself

In a couple weeks, Laura will be turning 4! To celebrate this milestone, she figured she should be able to bake something all by herself.

In order to help Laura achieve this goal, I created a recipe for her using simple numbers and pictures.

I began by determining the lowest measurement for cups and teaspoons and then wrote the entire recipe in relation to that number. For example, the recipe called for 1/4 cup of brown sugar, so I wrote out all the quantities with the base measurement of 1/4 cup— 1/2 cup of sugar became 2 “cups” of sugar, 1 3\4 cups of flour became 7 “cups” of flour, etc. I also based all teaspoon measurements off 1/4 teaspoon.

Excuse the stains – this is after the recipe was used by Laura…

Other than physically putting the cookies in the oven and helping with a few accidents, I was able to be Laura’s assistant (passing her things) and didn’t have to step in to do anything for her! If you’ve got a little person who can read numbers but not words, I definitely suggest trying this method out! It worked wonderfully for us!

A behind the scenes look at the production:

I was surprised at how well she mixed the cookie dough!


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