Styling very short toddler hair

I have scoured the internet for styles for short toddler girl hair and the internet seems to be confused at what I mean by short ... all the photos that pop up are of baby girls with messy buns!
I have finally figured out a system so I thought I'd share it!

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Laura’s story – Part 32 – Settling in

With the NG tube gone, Laura's face was finally given a chance to heal from all the tape and she was starting to look much better. To say that it was easy to get up multiple times in the night, wake her, put her in her high chair and feed her milk would be a… Continue reading Laura’s story – Part 32 – Settling in


Tutorial – Travel med bag :)

Since Laura's transplant, if we ever feel the desire to travel for even a half a day, we have a good amount of medications in tow. Thankfully, the amount of medications that she takes has gone down considerably since we got home in February. Initially, she was on a whopping 14 different meds given every… Continue reading Tutorial – Travel med bag 🙂