Life after Transplant

What organ donation means to us

I am encouraged by other jurisdictions who are headed towards an Opt-out system of donation. This type of system does NOT mean that your organs will be donated against your will but rather that you will have the ability to make your choice when you are of level head and sound mind rather than in the throws of grief, anger and pain. 

Life after Transplant

2 year biopsy

We celebrated Laura's two year heart anniversary this past January and were given a date for her annual biopsy/angiogram in early February. The protocol at our transplant center (Edmonton) is for the kids to have annual biopsies and angiograms each year for the first 3 years post-transplant. This is due to the increased risk of rejection in… Continue reading 2 year biopsy

Life after Transplant

What little they know.

As I sit in the staff room eating my lunch, I listen to the chatter happening around me. We speak about students, supplies, our families, daycare, sports and what's for dinner tonight. It's nice to be able to speak to adults for a while. Then, the discussion turns to how ridiculous it is that kids… Continue reading What little they know.